Welcome to Careerfolk

Thank you for choosing to work with Careerfolk.  We look forward to helping you get to know yourself better, find some clarity and to invigorating your job search with the latest technology and supportive individualized guidance.  As clinical career counselors, we understand the vital role that assessments play in career coaching and how different personalities inspire distinctive strengths. 


Be sure to check your email for my Welcome Letter which contains your username and password plus instructions on what to do to get started.


Let me explain the various options available to you in working with Donna Sweidan or Tava Auslan

Your First Appointment: Getting to Know You

You will share the next layer of information needed to help us get to know you as we start our journey.   Expect to be at your first appointment for 60- 90 minutes.  Please e-mail your most recent resume to info@careerfolk.com before your first appointment if you haven't already  Please also bring  your completed intake form and a copy of your resume to the first appointment (if meeting in person).    


Beyond the First Appointment: Working Towards Your Goals

 As your career counselor and coach, we understand that this process does not produce results after only one appointment.  As a matter of fact, the worksheets you'll complete after the first session may only be the beginning.  Each appointment and assessment results in new insight to the career coaching process, which helps bring your goals into focus. Your ongoing sessions will be 60 minutes long and can be held in person, via skype or over the phone.


The Far Away Future

In our experience, dreams and goals are always changing.  As your life changes, so do your needs and values.  Your career is a vital part of your life that influences your well being.  As a result, Careerfolk will always have an open door.  We know that life, technology, and personalities may change.  As your partner, you can rely on us for continued support.


Coaching, Counseling… What does it all mean?

As you can see, we use both of these words to describe what we do, because in fact we use both methods of engagement. What’s the difference you might ask?

We put our Counseling hats on early in the process when we are getting to know you. This requires empathy and an analytical assessment of what we learn about you, your experiences of work, school, your family and the career history of your parents and siblings.

Coaching is strategic and action oriented. Here, we address where you might be stuck and identify ways to get unstuck, as well as the steps it takes to reach your goals.


We are excited to partner with you as you embark on a renewed and insightful journey towards fulfilling your career goals.


Register below for a 15-minute no-obligation "Job Search Success" session with Donna or Tava.  Then check your email for the link to schedule the call.