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Job Seekers! Don't let hundreds job applications and 2 years float by before asking for job search help.  It will destroy your self-confidence and make you an unappealing candidate. A recent client had many irons in the fire over the last 2 years, but not one full-time job prospect, yet he neglected to ask for help until now! His spirit was broken, and his bank account was even worse. So this is Careerfolk's Call to Action! Don't let this happen to you. Read our latest blog post that outlines all the reasons why you should celebrate Update Your Resume Month! .. It really is all about managing your career, and it's packed with some great tips.

PS. I heard it's also Happy Cat Month! Lets celebrate. 



Happy International Update Your Resume Month

It’s September, that means it’s time to dust the cobwebs off of your resume and fill it with your latest and greatest Interview_Humor-_The_BIG_Resume1 accomplishments from the past year (or several years in some cases). So, why should one celebrate International Update Your Resume month? If no other reason, it can serve as an informal report card to be sure you’re work life reflects growth and not (that dreaded word) stagnancy. Click HERE to read more.



Donna Sweidan, MCC, LMHC, founder of Careerfolk has, for over 15 years,  helped motivate, facilitate and inspire job seekers and career changers to reach their career goals. She is known for her passion and insight, combining her expertise in the new Social Media landscape  with a highly compassionate and yet strategic approach.  The heart of Donna’s customized approach is a strong brand, an exciting current resume, and an online network that represents what it takes to succeed in today’s marketplace. She is a well-known expert and advocate on the “new” job search, which demands that all professionals  build a professional online identity with tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Blogs to create a robust profile and increased level of “G-cred”, and is asked to speak regularly on the topic.

Tava Auslan, MSEd is a career counselor,  resume writer and dancer. After earning her BA in Psychology from SUNY Purchase and an MSEd in Counseling from Fordham University, she began her career with Donna at The New School Career Services Center in 2002. There she worked with students and graduates pursuing a variety of careers.  She later went on to serve as the Assistant Director of Disability Services.  This background has shaped her foundation for working with college students, recent grads and individuals with disabilities.  A skilled counselor, she is compassionate, insightful and delivers the right amount of “push” to motivate her clients.  She is known for her ability to help people assess their challenges, determine where they are stuck and offer tangible solutions to get them back on track. An astute writer, Tava translates this into crafting resumes that tell a compelling story for job seekers of all ages and stages.