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We wanted to quickly remind you about our discounted packages before the deal expires, the next open office hour Q & A session and share our latest blog post about holiday parties and social anxiety. We truly hope you're enjoying the season and finding time to celebrate the holidays with friends and loved ones. The latke recipe from our last newsletter received a lot of hits so we hope you found them as delicious as we did!

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Got Social Anxiety? Handling Holiday parties without the dread.

Is your calendar filling up with invitations to work parties and gatherings this time of year? A number of our clients with social anxiety or extreme introversion have recently expressed some concerns about navigating the pressures that come with parties. There's a short excerpt below, however, you can click HERE to read the full post.

Tis the season for holiday parties and meetups when many of us have to exercise our “adulting” skills and get professionally social. If you’ve got social anxiety or score high on the introversion scale can be a dreaded aspect of the holiday season; especially if you’re in job search mode. It can be challenging enough to find the right words to talk about what you’ve been up to and to think about what questions to ask people at parties, but it’s a little more complicated when you’ve got to find a way to tactfully express that you’re in job search mode.

If you’ve worked with Donna or me, chances are high that you’ve heard us say job search is a social endeavor. The days of searching 100% in front of a computer screen are long gone, but it doesn’t mean you have to become someone you’re not. If you think you need to become an outgoing, suave, social butterfly who moves through the room with movie star charisma, you’ve set the bar way too high. Continue reading  HERE


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