Dear Active & Passive Job Seekers, Career Changers & Grads-to-be:

Happy Fall! No matter how many years separate us from school and professional life, there is something about September that signifies the start of a new year. As Summer ends,  it's replaced with a "get serious" vibe in Fall that's reminiscent of my days covering my books with paper bags and feeling nervous about the year ahead.

So, we want to help you ride that Fall motivation with a zap of clarity and accountability. Donna and I are offering a one hour coaching deal for new clients. Could you benefit from a laser-focused action session to dust-off your goals and your strategy? 

Investment: $199.

This offer (for new clients only) will be available through October 31st. Email info@careerfolk to sign up.


We're happy to share Careerfolk client Julie Beman's insights in this guest blog post about how she makes most out of her time and achieves her goals with a personal kanban. I invite you to read how this method has transformed her inaction into strategy. 

Every day people struggle with prioritizing and completing tasks. Everything is urgent. Everyone has demands. People feel like they’re spinning their wheels, or delivering lower quality work than they’d like to deliver. There simply isn’t enough time.

For unemployed people looking for work, the challenge is often one of “too much time.” And while many of us have expressed a desire to take a sabbatical from working, the realities of days, weeks, or months of unstructured time are rarely discussed.

As an unemployed job seeker, the expectations I had of myself – hours and hours of job search related activities every day – were unrealistic. Honestly, there isn’t much you can do on a day to day to day basis. Meaningful activities like networking, and crafting your resume and LinkedIn profile, can’t be done for hours a day, every day. These activities are replaced by scrolling through job boards which barely change from one day to the next. . .

About the Author: Julie Beman helps organizations incorporate best practices, analytics, and regulatory intelligence into their regulatory compliance programs. While she works to find her next job, she is studying data visualization, writing music, and kayaking. She considers herself to be gainfully unemployed and is currently working with Careerfolk coach, Tava Auslan, on personal branding and job search strategy.

Reach out to us and let us help you map out a plan to achieve your career goals.

Donna & Tava, The Careerfolk Team