"Recipes for Success" is our monthly broadcast that is designed to give you a well-balanced plate of information to digest and use in your career journey. We welcome your feedback and look forward to furthering our relationship with you 1-on-1.


Careerfolk Blog: Step Into Your Boldness

We all need to refresh our careers or rebrand ourselves at some point. For some this may happen just once, for others every couple of years. Whether it’s a simple as changing the 10 year old Linkeidn profile photo, or a complete career change. You have to step into the boldness, just don’t forget to breath.

Careerfolk turned 11 years old and we were sitting with an antiquated website that desperately needed a revamp. Eventually, I rallied with the support of my colleague Tava, other professionals and my friends, and was able to push through and embrace the shift.

I’m now thrilled to report that we have a bold and fresh new website. It’s clean and not clunky like the old, oh so 2005, website. Take a peak at our bold new look and if you are ready to press refresh on your brand, give us a shout.  Read more


Recipe for Success

This month's recipe ingredient for a successful job search is a hot one!  We're talking about fire. 
More specifically, we're talking about a heaping spoonful of that metaphorical fire in your belly; an insatiable motivation to succeed and do whatever it takes to land a job or a promotion.
Don't start your search or reach for your career goals feeling diluted, because you owe it to yourself to fan the flames of your intrinsic motivation. 


Special Promotion -- Are You a Parent of a Recent or Soon-to-Be College Graduate?

College graduation signifies the end of a newly discovered independence and it may come with feelings of uncertainty or fear about what’s ahead. Let’s face it, your advice isn’t always well received and it’s a time when emotions can run high.

According to research done by the Economic Policy Institute, young graduates still face an uphill climb, despite an improving economy. 

Give your graduate the advantage they need, to land Careerfolk is offering a Career Readiness Package specifically for students or recent grads (up to 5 years out of college) that will help them avoid this dilemma.  Click here to learn more about what we’re offering if you would like to help your graduate get to work.


Do You Need to Massage Your Message?

Receive comprehensive and objective feedback on your interviewing skills for both traditional and behavioral style interviewing methods. Click here to schedule a 15-minute, complimentary, session and find out how we can help!

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