Dear Donna

How have you been this week? My apologies for the delay in checking in this week. I have been under the weather and a few important things fell the through the cracks. I know that many of you can relate as we all have to deal with the expected as well as unanticipated challenges of our daily lives. But nonetheless, we don't have any choice but to pick ourselves up and move forward. 

With that, I ask you to please take a moment to check in with me, but most importantly, check in with yourself. It's you that you have to be honest to, but you also need to be kind. I know many of you have been facing various life and work challenges, so it's so important to let yourself off the hook for not keeping up with some of the things on your to do list. I'm right there with you. Anyhow, enough of that, tell me how you are and where you are? 

Weekly Check In

What are your celebrations and successes since our last conversation?


What did I intend to complete since our last conversation that are still open?


What are the roadblocks I am now experiencing?



What I want the coach to help me with during our next call:

Weekly Job Search Motivation 

Some of you are in the middle of your job search, and others are just getting started. Either way, you should be revving up your Networking Juices.  Here is a checklist to go through (and of course if you arent' able to check many off, don't worry, this is a guide to help you get started. 

Use this list as a jumping off point and measure yourself from here going forward. 

How many networking events have you attended this week?

How many professional events attended?

How many “non-professional” activities, events?

How many follow up calls did you make after the event.

How many people did you connect with on Linkedin?

How many of your old/established network did you reach out to? 

If you are just getting started with your networking efforts, set yourself a goal. Remember, be realistic! 

Here's wishing you success, and "see" you on the call on Tuesday. ( And let this be the last snowstorm for a very very long time!Cool )