Happy May!

It is hard to believe we're 5 months in to 2017. Careerfolk has been busy coaching clients in California, Tennessee, Texas, New York, Pakistan, UAE, India and...of course, Connecticut. One thing remains clear, resume assistance is still a top concern for clients.
Some of you are unknowingly formatting your resumes in a way that may hurt your chances when it's combed by the applicant tracking systems (ATS). The ATS may misread your document and rank it as a bad match even if you're qualified. 
We Have a Solution: Join Careerfolk's weekly "Open Office Hours on the Web" starting May 24th at noon. Our topic will be all about applicant tracking systems and resumes.
  • Bring your questions,
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  • listen in on this interactive (and free) offering with Careerfolk's certified resume writer and senior career coach, Tava Auslan.

May's Recipe for Success:

This month's special ingredient is "KEYWORDS"

Keywords are a delicate balance. Not enough and your recipe will be bland/unnoticed. Too many and it spoils the dish. It is necessary to include them in a resume, a LinkedIn summary, an online portfolio, etc.. but people can spot a keyword dump from a mile away. Give them some context, wrap them in a compelling narrative, be sure they are true to you and not just what you think employers want.

The key to keywords is to make sure you have them, make sure they are the right ones, and make sure that you strike that fine balance of getting noticed without seeming artificial. 


We want to hear from YOU!

We're collecting stories about nail-biting interview stories where the Universe seemed to conspire against you. For example, trapped on the subway, a recruiter sends you to the wrong location, you run in to your current boss, etc.

Have you had to think on your feet to salvage an interview experience? You can send us your stories to info@careerfolk.com and we'll offer strategies about how to best deal with these "interview oops" scenarios.    

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Donna Sweidan and Tava Auslan are your Careerfolk Team. Careerfolk has been offering holistic career coaching since 2005. Our team has broad industry knowledge as well as key advisors in law and finance. Our clients range from aerospace engineers to artists and enterprise sales professionals to environmental advocates. We offer individualized coaching, products for self-paced progress, webinars and motivational speaking.